Shah Engineering - VRF Air Conditioning System in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Shah Engineering's latest offering, the Digital Variable Refrigeration Flow (DVRF) system brings world-class, state-of-the-art cooling technology and higher energy efficiency to your doorstep. Based on proven Digital Compressor Technology, the DVRF system is ideal for multi-zoned spaces such as luxury apartment complexes, condominiums, villas, multi-cabin office spaces and commercial complexes.

The availability of advanced electronic controllers and the compatibility with BMS have made DVRF a superior cooling solution.

What's more, Shah Engineering's DVRF is designed to suit Indian conditions. The system is designed to operate at ambient temperatures even as high as 50°C, so the Shah Engineering Digital VRF will cool even in the hottest parts of the country during the harshest summer months when most other AC systems would have stopped operating. To ensure that your AC investment works for you through high voltage fluctuations, the Shah Engineering Digital VRF is designed to operate efficiently, reliably and smoothly across a wider voltage range of 340V to 460V, a unique and extremely useful specification amongst Indian AC systems.