With over seven decades of experience in comprehensive cooling solutions, Blue Star brings you a range of reliable condensing units to meet the cooling needs of large commercial spaces and corporate customers.

These units utilise a unique modular design to deliver consistent performance over a wide operating range and ambient conditions. They are available in more than 20 models, and are ideally suited to meet the cooling requirements of a wide variety of applications such as auditoriums, marriage halls, exhibition centres, textile showrooms and factory shop floors. They allow the use of various sizes of air handling units as evaporators.

Salient Features

  • Open chassis structure
  • Highly efficient compressor
  • Mega condensing units
  • Low roof-load weight
  • Run time equalisation
  • Shell and tube condenser (water cooled models)
  • Capacity modulation in steps
  • Intelligent controller
  • Digital setting of temperature levels
  • Built-in time delay
  • Auto distribution load
  • Protection mechanism
  • Auto restart